• Build a SalesBot to acquire customers for your Business.

    Introducing SalesBot

    SalesBox Platform gives enterprises the rich features needed to create high-value bots, without unnecessary development complexity.

    Whether you plan to build a custom, business-specific chatbot or prefer to start with a pre-built Smart Bot for a common, high-value application, our Platform minimizes roadblocks and allows you to achieve results faster.

    SalesBot Skills:

    Define the complex and simple "skills" your salesbot will perform to help customers or partners complete frustrating tasks − quickly. Get utmost flexibility to create a range of purposeful, actionable and proactive skills for your Salesbot to do, including:

    1. Explain a product or service offering
    2. Book Appointments and Meetings
    3. Deliver information or reports on-demand and per schedule
    4. Take questions and quickly find answers from FAQs, documents and websites
    5. Hold multi-faceted, business-logic driven dialogs


    Let people engage your salesbot in the communication channels they use daily online and offline.

    Our Pre-built skills Bot Connectors and our best-in-class dynamic scripting engine balance rich experiences and rapid integration.

    1. Bring SalesBot to consumer messaging apps like Facebook Messenger
    2. Enable multi channel workflows using email, text and messenger
    3. Drive traffic from Web and Offline channels to your SalesBot
    4. Collect Online Payments
    5. Run Loyalty/Coupon programs

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